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Organic Pigments


Organic Pigments Pigments are generally coloured, organic or inorganic solid powder, and usually are insoluble. They are not affected physically or chemically in the substrate in which they are incorporated. Pigments can give a full range of colours. Pigments have a variety of applications that includes plastics, ink, and coating applications backed by full-fledged Lab and testing facility. We offer you good quality pigment at an competitive prices.

Organic pigments are designed for water and solvent based applications to provide ease of disperse ability with good colour development. They are further defined by a Colour Index Number.

Application of Organic Pigments

  • Organic Coatings - These pigments have brilliant shades, favourable colour strength and covering power
  • Printing Ink - Organic pigments give printing inks a clearer, cleaner looking colour with better gloss & viscosity.
  • Water Based Ink.
  • Polyamide Inks.
  • Solvent Based Inks.
  • Solvent Stable Grade for Printing inks & Paints with NC properties.

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