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Polyamide Resins


Polyamide Resins Polyamide Resins are based on polymerized vegetable oil fatty acids and selected polyalkyl polyamines. Polyamide Resins are condensation products of dimerized fatty acids and polyamines. Reactive Polyamide Resins are semi-solid viscous fluid synthetic resins of varying amine functionality.

Depending on the ratio of dimer acid / polyamine content and the degree of polymerization offers a range of products suited for different applications. Non-Reactive type do not have Amine functionality. These are used for Printing Ink Applications. Reactive Polyamide Resins are used primarily for coating applications.

Our Main Product-


Co-soluble polyamide resin is a kind of solid polyamide resin which can be soluble in mixed toluene/IPA solvent. When used together with solvent,pigment and filler,it can be formulated into varied of printing ink with bright colour,fast dryness,water resistance, folding endurance and chemical stability.


Alcohol solution polyamide resin is a kind of solid polyamide resin which can be soluble in IPA solvent with high inoxidizability. Normally it is widely used in printing inks.It can imporve the advanced procedure and unique adhesion on PE, PP, PET surface. It also can firmly adhere to the surfaces of most dealt plastic and metal films when in high softening point.

Application of Polyamide Resins

  • Flexo & Gravure inks, Thixotropic Paints
  • For inks on alcohol based formulations, Food and Milk packs
  • High gloss liquid inks
  • It can be used in printing industry to produce solvent type printing ink for soft plate, surface printing ink for plastic and hot-melt adhesive.
  • Polyamide resins for laminating inks
  • Laser sintering of stainless steel powder using resin powder
  • Production of 3D Structures in Printing

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